The WAGS Wagon The WAGS wagon is a dog’s best friend! It can be equipped with water, food, and everything else a dog could need for a comfortable public outing.

About WAGS

Socialize your dog in a safe way and bring your new puppy out without pre-shot risks. Never worry about an aggressive interaction, your puppy getting diseases, or where your dog will rest again. By also training your dog to behave in our noisy world, Wags has your dog traveling in safety and style.

More than convenience, WAGS promotes early socialization, while working to prevent aggressive interactions and exposure to pre-shot infections. With WAGS, your dog will be social, safe, and of course, stylish!


  • Built-in slots for food and water bowls
  • Wide, high-traction wheels suitable for various terrains
  • Easy-to-use parking brake
  • Removable floor mat 
  • Compact spaces for pull-out waste bags

Innovative Design

  • Retractable handle

  • Size of wagon and/or amount of weight it can hold

  • Safely socialize your new puppy within a variety of settings

  • Easily prevent aggressive interactions and pre-shot infections

  • Conveniently transport your dog and accessories, all in one place!

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